Weekly Summary

So this week was fairly busy but ultimately a lot of fun. The NNTF group came together to create our video project which ended up being a bit more work than I think any of us bargained for. I’m sure some of the people who chose to work solo these last two weeks were able to get their work done quicker but I GUARANTEE they didn’t have as much fun as we did. For more info on how the progress went check here.

As well as finishing up our video project we also began talking about the agency project that is coming up. We agreed to come together once again to create a NNTF agency.

Daily creates were a lot of fun this week as well. The batman assignment was one of my favorite daily creates overall just because so many people did the assignment that there was so much variety in the drawings. Anytime large groups of people come together to produce something unique like that the results are always awesome.

Last but certainly not least was my video interview with Jack Sadler. Overall that little assignment went pretty well. More info on that can be found here.












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