Weekly Summary

Well the end up the year is coming up quite quickly. I suppose this will be my second to last weekly summary and I have to say this class has been a blast all semester. This week working on the final stages of the final project was a lot of fun. We recorded the rest of our video work in two meetings and were able to release videos throughout the week instead of all on one day. We split some the work up among everyone so that each person would get a chance to personally contribute. I put together the narrator voice over as well as the phone call conversation between Groom and Stella. All of this can be found in our video but here is the phone call conversation if anyone is interested in listening to it specifically.

We recorded the audio for this seperately and uploaded the clips to soundcloud. I downloaded the clips and cut them up and pieced it together to sound like a conversation. I used some sounds that I found on Freesound.org for the phone noises and pieced them together as well. All in all this has been a really fun project and I am sad that our group work will shortly be coming to an end.


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