Weekly summary

This week was actually a lot of fun. Our group No Stain No Problem recieved its fist case this week so we all go together to plan out how we were going to execute it. We first discussed what media types we would be using and I beleive we settled on primarily using video with maybe a few audio driven segments. Overall our group has worked well with video and audio in the past so we decided it would be easy to keep it within our expertise.

Next we decided how we were going to incorporate our groups agency into the storyline of our mystery. We received Black’s case of the missing noir cat and at first really had no idea what to do with it. We settled on an elaborate tale of a missing cat that seems to keep showing up at gruesome murder scenes. Due to our busy schedules and whatnot we were not able to film any of our videos this week but plan to start the filming early this upcoming week. I think the story is going to come together quite nicely once we get to video tape it all

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