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Weekly Summary

Well the end up the year is coming up quite quickly. I suppose this will be my second to last weekly summary and I have to say this class has been a blast all semester. This week working on the final stages of the final project was a lot of fun. We recorded the rest of our video work in two meetings and were able to release videos throughout the week instead of all on one day. We split some the work up among everyone so that each person would get a chance to personally contribute. I put together the narrator voice over as well as the phone call conversation between Groom and Stella. All of this can be found in our video but here is the phone call conversation if anyone is interested in listening to it specifically.

We recorded the audio for this seperately and uploaded the clips to soundcloud. I downloaded the clips and cut them up and pieced it together to sound like a conversation. I used some sounds that I found on Freesound.org for the phone noises and pieced them together as well. All in all this has been a really fun project and I am sad that our group work will shortly be coming to an end.


Weekly summary

This week was actually a lot of fun. Our group No Stain No Problem recieved its fist case this week so we all go together to plan out how we were going to execute it. We first discussed what media types we would be using and I beleive we settled on primarily using video with maybe a few audio driven segments. Overall our group has worked well with video and audio in the past so we decided it would be easy to keep it within our expertise.

Next we decided how we were going to incorporate our groups agency into the storyline of our mystery. We received Black’s case of the missing noir cat and at first really had no idea what to do with it. We settled on an elaborate tale of a missing cat that seems to keep showing up at gruesome murder scenes. Due to our busy schedules and whatnot we were not able to film any of our videos this week but plan to start the filming early this upcoming week. I think the story is going to come together quite nicely once we get to video tape it all

Weekly Summary

This week was a good week. The Noir Not the Father (NNTF) group has officially transformed into the No Stain No Problem (NSNP) group! While I will certainly miss creating things related to the NNTF story-line I am excited to begin the new journey with NSNP! The website that we created can be found here. All the credit for this amazing website falls on Mia and Kelsey (or should I say Blair and Stella) for their amazing web design skills. We spent a day together going over all the aspects of the agency and decided to play off of a product we created during a commercial for the original radio show. We assigned everyone job titles and worked out a pretty good business for our agency to run.

For my daily creates this week I chose to do the save noddy assignment and the umbrella art assignment. Both were pretty fun and straightforward to accomplish. I used photoshop for both assignments which was nice because I am becoming more and more familiar with the program. More info on how those assignments went can be found here.

For my 10 stars of assignments I chose to create a quiz, a warning poster, a resume and a business card for Jack Sadler. The quiz assignment was actually pretty challenging and took a fair amount of time. I really enjoyed it though and put a lot of effort into it. Originally I created the quiz questions in a word doc and started searching for a quiz creator. I decided that I wanted to embed my quiz into my page so I started looking into that as well. The embedding seemed a little out of my league so I checked the wordpress list of easily embed-able sites and luckily enough one of the sites had a quiz creator. I created my quiz in the site and embedded it into my blog. The business card and warning poster assignments were pretty straightforward. I used photoshop for both and kept them in line with the NNTF show. For the business card I used a template that I found online and blurred out any text from before and covered a logo with a new one. The last assignment I did was the resume for my character Jack Sadler. This was pretty easy as well and just required filling out some information about Jack.

Here are 10 of my comments this week:












Weekly Summary

So this week was fairly busy but ultimately a lot of fun. The NNTF group came together to create our video project which ended up being a bit more work than I think any of us bargained for. I’m sure some of the people who chose to work solo these last two weeks were able to get their work done quicker but I GUARANTEE they didn’t have as much fun as we did. For more info on how the progress went check here.

As well as finishing up our video project we also began talking about the agency project that is coming up. We agreed to come together once again to create a NNTF agency.

Daily creates were a lot of fun this week as well. The batman assignment was one of my favorite daily creates overall just because so many people did the assignment that there was so much variety in the drawings. Anytime large groups of people come together to produce something unique like that the results are always awesome.

Last but certainly not least was my video interview with Jack Sadler. Overall that little assignment went pretty well. More info on that can be found here.












Weekly Summary

So this week was a pretty good week as far as DS106 is concerned. I was pretty excited that Noir Not the Father (NNTF) is coming back together to do a group video project. I had a great time doing the radio show and I think that a video production will go really well. Here is the trailer I made for the upcoming video feature of NNTF. I’m also bummed that the radio show weeks are coming to a close but all good things have to end eventually right? I really enjoyed the radio show weeks and audio editing is something that I really enjoy doing. Here is the post where I talk about this a bit more.

As for my daily creates this week I chose to do the Junk mail art and Motion blur assignments. Both were relatively easy assignments and for once took the appropriate recommended amount of time! You can read more about how the creates went by clicking on the links.

I had a lot of fun listening to two radio shows this week as well. Since I enjoyed the radio show project so much I get a lot of enjoyment out of listening to other peoples shows as well. You can read more about that experience here.

The last thing I did this week was my analysis of a particular scene in a movie. The movies I watched was Notorious by Alfred Hitchcock. I really enjoyed the movie as a whole and found a perfect scene to analyze.

Weekly Summary

This week was actually a lot of fun. I had such a great time hearing how other peoples radio shows turned out. There was seriously such variety in the shows and nothing I listened to could have been considered bad. If the few shows that I listened to can reflect on the class as a whole I would say we all did a really great job with these. More info on how my listening experiences went can be found here.

For my daily creates this week I had a great time as per usual. I chose to do the abstract drawing assignment, the ransom note for Jim Groom assignment, and the create a “how to” assignment. Obviously more information can be found at the links but overall I had a good time with these assignments. Admittedly I try to avoid doing video related assignments because it is by far my weakest ability, so having been able to work so much with photoshop and my own drawing abilities has made these assignments quite enjoyable.

I would say out of everything this week I had the most fun with the 10 stars of random assignments. The task was to relate the assignments back to your character as well as someone else. I took this opportunity to build up the story surrounding my characters interactions during our radio show. My character was a bit of a last minute addition to the overall story line in our radio show so he wasn’t able to really give much background or direction as to how he was so involved. I also wanted to take this opportunity to add a dramatic realization that not everything that was concluded during our radio show was actually the truth. To do this I chose to do the invitation design assignment,  the collaborative email writing assignment and the story map visual assignment. All in all I thought that It was a pretty cool idea to intersect our characters lives even more and I think that I managed to do a pretty decent job at it. I also really enjoyed being able to do assignments of multiple types instead of just one. I wanted to challenge myself a bit with these assignments so I intentionally stayed away from the audio assignment bank since audio editing is what I am best at.


Weekly Summary

This week was mostly consumed with finishing up the radio show project. Our group met twice this week and was able to finish up the project with plenty of time to spare. More info about the process can be found here. I honestly had so much fun with the radio show project and I’m kind of sad that it’s all over. Group work is usually something I do not look forward too but this was all around just a good time. The group I was working with was very helpful, friendly and accommodating  and I think we did some really good work together overall.

The rest of my work for this week was on the Daily creates for the week in which I was unfortunately only able to complete two of. Mostly I just had so much work going on this week with midterms.

Here are the links to my comments for the week as well











Weekly Summary

So this week was a little different than most weeks. Instead of focusing on a new topic all together we used this week to develop more skills in editing and developing audio. For starters, we all grouped up into our DS106 radio groups. I chose the “Noir not the father” group. The group plans on doing a maury style talk show with a noir theme to it. Though we have not met yet as a group I feel that this will be a fun project and I am exited to be a part of it.

For the bumper sticker/poster for my radio group, I took a bit of noir themed characters and icons I found on the internet and put them together in photoshop to create the image. Obviously I am not very good at photoshop but I am still learning.

My Daily creates were fun this week as well. I always enjoy any daily creates that I can find that include drawing, sound editing, or photo editing. These are all things I enjoy doing and have been learning about since the beginning of this class. My daily create posts can be found here 

My audio assignments this week were also a blast. I could not decide on which 10 stars I wanted to do and ended up doing 12 instead. The projects I wanted to do were all more stars then I needed but I figured that this would never be an issue. I chose to do the make your own theme song assignment, the spooky sounds assignment, and the make it slower assignment.

During the week I also stumbled across some music that I thought might count as neo-noir. You can check it out here

Here are the links to the blog posts I commented on as well:











Weekly Summary

This week was all about design. Other then the work that I have done for this class I have had zero experience with digital design and photo editing. I have had experience with sound editing but after reading the information on the noir website about this weeks work I could tell that the design we were going to be working with was largely visual based. I have a friend at UMW that is a studio art major so I asked her if she would sit down with me and teach me some stuff about photo editing in Photoshop. She was able to come over and help teach me some stuff and set me on my way to begin photo editing in a program other then MS paint.

My first project was the DS106 wallpaper assignment for four stars. I began with a photo of a rustic small house that I imagined my noir character Jack Sadler might live in. I put the photo in photoshop and began editing it. I sampled a bunch of the effects from the effects available until I found ones I liked. I tested and tried a few different things and really had fun with the project. It turned out really different then what I had planned but in the end I thought that was ok. The next project I did was the honest video game cover. This project was fairly simple and just required a bit of text editing. The hardest part was figuring out how to use the lasso tool in order to remove text. I had to learn how to match colors as well so that I could blend in the image over the old one. My next project was the laptop lingo project. This one was relatively easy as well. I wanted to focus on a minimalist approach to this assignment so I decided to use blocks of color. I chose a light brown toned color pallet and inserted the colors into photoshop. From there I just used some effects to warp the colors into what I thought would look like a nice laptop cover. My last project was the Wolf in sheep’s clothing  assignment. I had a lot of fun with this project and got to practice use of the lasso tool and the blending tool even more.

The design blitz was a fun project as well. I went downtown and walked/drove around until I found good representations of the elements of design I was looking for. I thought I found pretty decent representations of all the elements and had a lot of fun doing it. My daily creates were alright this week. I had a lot of trouble with one of them and ended up not being able to complete it. Otherwise, I enjoyed that there was another opportunity for a audio based daily create.

Overall I really enjoyed this week of design and learned a lot from it. My other posts and further description about the movie I watched, my opinion of the vignell canon as well as my thoughts on the copyright materials can be found at the links provided.


Weekly Summary

This weeks assignments were all largely audio based. This was exciting for me because I have to previous experience with audio editing software as well as digital audio workspaces. In the past I have used Audacity,Virtual dj, Traktor, Reason, and FL studio. I am most familiar with FL studio and prefer it over most other programs I have for audio compiling and production.

The Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad videos were very interesting to watch. I ended up watching all four parts of the Ira Glass video and was really inspired by it. His talk about progress taking a very long time and how important it truly is not to give up really spoke to me. It was interesting listening to these guys talk about video and audio editing as a major profession. I consider music and audio editing a hobby but I suppose I would always enjoy making more of a profession out of it. The part of Jad’s video where he is describing creating something visual with sound really spoke to me as well. I have always been a fan of music without lyrics because I feel that the more an artist can do with simply sound the more powerful the image can truly be.

The weeks assignments were really fun as well. The audio bank assignments were actually difficult to choose from and I had a blast doing the ones that I did. I Chose to do the make your own song assignment and the emotion through sound along with the required Story through sound and the DS106 bumper. The Daily creates I chose to do this week were for the International Dot day and the puppy caption. My Dot day submission was something I drew for the occasion and the puppy caption was a simple caption I put together in MS paint.

This week I learned quite a bit from seeing what other people have been doing with their blogs. Admittedly I would like to customize my blog more than I have now and certainly need to look into learning how to. The format and presentation of other peoples blogs has really impressed me. The audio aspect of this week allowed me to see what types of creativity could be expressed through audio by my fellow classmates. To be brutally honest towards myself the thing that I learned the most this week was the need to not wait until the last minute to do my write ups. Each week they have been taking my longer than I have anticipated and this marks twice now that I could have used more time. I spend my time during the week working on my assignment bank assignments and leave a lot of the simple yet time consuming work till the very end. I plan on spending week 5 organizing my blog and getting all of the formatting where I want it along with doing my write up work well ahead of the Sunday due date.