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NNTF The Reunion Show!

So NNTF all met today to work out the script and general setup of our video show. We decided to continue off of the story we created in our first show adding new twists and turns and including back stories for all of the characters that everyone has gotten to know and love. We met in the convergence center and put in some really good work for a couple hours before having to go our separate ways.

Throughout the week we organized a time to meet as a group and film our project in front of a green screen. We also spent time reaching out to our class for help with our project. We needed someone to play the character of Jackie Steel in some of the flashback scenes. One student came through for us and really helped out.

Its finished! After all the long, hard and dedicated work the video is finished. We spent what seemed like countless hours on a Friday and Saturday afternoon filming and editing the videos. Without Mia’s dedication to the editing and her awesome video editing skills I don’t think we ever would have finished the video on time. So much had to be done in order for the video to get uploaded and truly one of the most time consuming parts was simply moving the large video files from one place to another. Well here is the video, I’m sure it will do itself more justice then I ever could explaining it,