Agency of… NNTF

So I believe that the NNTF group is coming back together once again for a final installment of heart wrenching drama! I have decided to create my agency with my NNTF group members and think that it will go really well. Despite our characters differences on the shows, the actors behind these genius characters get along quite well and produce some pretty solid work. I am excited to come back together with them for this project

Creations this week

This week for my daily creates I chose the 15 second batman challenge, the tree art assignment, and the talk to a stranger assignment.


The 15 second batman challenge was my favorite daily create this week. As I have mentioned before I really enjoy any assignment that deals with drawing so this one definitely stood out to me. Before I began the assignment I googled a quick picture of batman just to get a fresh image in my head. Then I got my stopwatch on my phone out, started the timer and started drawing. I ended up drawing for about 20 ish seconds in the end. 15 seconds is an incredibly short amount of time!

tree stuff

The tree art assignment was fun as well. Ever since I started using photoshop this year for this class, I have really enjoyed becoming familiar with it. For this assignment I took a photo of a tree that I had taken on campus earlier this last fall and messed around with some effects in photoshop until I got this image!

For my “talk with a stranger” assignment I tried to embed the post into my page but had no luck. Here is a link to the post.


The Interview (with jack sadler not the movie)

So I just finished up the noir character interview assignment and let me say that it was just as straight forward as I thought it would be but it was much more time consuming than I had planned for. Part of the reason for that was my computer dying just as I had finished cutting up all the questions and answers. I wasn’t able to restore the project and had to start all over again.. Womp womp. But other then that it mainly just took time making sure that all the videos were cut up in the right places and all the effects were blended in nicely. Without further ado,


Weekly Summary

So this week was a pretty good week as far as DS106 is concerned. I was pretty excited that Noir Not the Father (NNTF) is coming back together to do a group video project. I had a great time doing the radio show and I think that a video production will go really well. Here is the trailer I made for the upcoming video feature of NNTF. I’m also bummed that the radio show weeks are coming to a close but all good things have to end eventually right? I really enjoyed the radio show weeks and audio editing is something that I really enjoy doing. Here is the post where I talk about this a bit more.

As for my daily creates this week I chose to do the Junk mail art and Motion blur assignments. Both were relatively easy assignments and for once took the appropriate recommended amount of time! You can read more about how the creates went by clicking on the links.

I had a lot of fun listening to two radio shows this week as well. Since I enjoyed the radio show project so much I get a lot of enjoyment out of listening to other peoples shows as well. You can read more about that experience here.

The last thing I did this week was my analysis of a particular scene in a movie. The movies I watched was Notorious by Alfred Hitchcock. I really enjoyed the movie as a whole and found a perfect scene to analyze.

Final thoughts on Noir Not the Father

So the radio show weeks are coming to a close but Noir Not the Father lives on! Listening to the show live was really awesome. We had a few technical difficulties but overall it went great! I think the show sounded good and all the editing really payed off. Tweeting along with everyone listening was my favorite part of the experience by far. Being able to respond to peoples questions and comments as well as just hearing their overall opinions in real time was such addition to the show as a whole. If I had more time I would have liked to focus more on the editing and further perfect all the sounds mixed in with he sound effects. This mixing was definitely the most time consuming and difficult part of project but honestly I wouldn’t really consider any of it difficult since it was mostly just fun. With how many sound effects we used it was very difficult to mix all the sounds together and keep it all congruent. Obviously if we had unlimited resources and time we could have used a more professional form of audio recording but I think that it worked out pretty well regardless. Any advice I could give to future DS106 students would be to allow for PLENTY of time to do all the recording!

Noir at Night and the Silk Road

Just listened to Noir at Night and Silk Road and both were really awesome! Noir at Night was a creative way of expressing the opinions of the noir characters on noir-esque movies. The audio was a bit choppy but the sound effects added were really great and added to the overall experience. The accents also really helped create real characters. I had to agree with some of the criticisms mentioned by our professors, more analysis could have helped the show overall. I also had to agree that movie trailers are meant to be watched and cutting a bit out could have helped bridge that gap

The silk road so awesome. The fact that the students who put it together were able to use outside people to voice extra characters was such a cool idea and really reflected the effort that went into producing this show. The audio was also so well done which is something I can personally appreciate. The show packed so much story into such little time it was really awesome