Creations this week

This week for my daily creates I chose the 15 second batman challenge, the tree art assignment, and the talk to a stranger assignment.


The 15 second batman challenge was my favorite daily create this week. As I have mentioned before I really enjoy any assignment that deals with drawing so this one definitely stood out to me. Before I began the assignment I googled a quick picture of batman just to get a fresh image in my head. Then I got my stopwatch on my phone out, started the timer and started drawing. I ended up drawing for about 20 ish seconds in the end. 15 seconds is an incredibly short amount of time!

tree stuff

The tree art assignment was fun as well. Ever since I started using photoshop this year for this class, I have really enjoyed becoming familiar with it. For this assignment I took a photo of a tree that I had taken on campus earlier this last fall and messed around with some effects in photoshop until I got this image!

For my “talk with a stranger” assignment I tried to embed the post into my page but had no luck. Here is a link to the post.


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