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I have never sat down and thought extensively about copyright laws before and certainly never considered some of the things talked about in the readings and videos. Copyrights to my have always just been something lumped together with trademarks, and siting sources. I had never considered how much copyrights can actually limit the creative process. The bureaucracy of navigating copyright laws legally and efficiently can take away from the artistic process itself. I really enjoyed the fair(y) tale video and the message that it was stating. An idea should never be copyrighted if its going to limit the potential that the idea has. This made me think of recent controversy surrounding the “munny” dolls. A munny is a little doll figure that is sold as a blank canvas for an artist to alter. Recently there has been controversy surrounding who owns the rights to the munny after the artist has created a munny doll without using the dolls sold from the actual creator. Artists often use their own materials and methods to create the munny from scratch. Should this be considered stealing if the purpose of the munny was to be a blank canvas in the first place?

The Big Lebowski and Noir

For my movie choice I chose to watch The Big Lebowski. I had seen the movie once already and thought it would be fun to watch again while looking for elements of noir. I really liked the prompt for this assignment because one thing that has stood out to me while learning about noir is that there seems to be two worlds of noir, the traditionalist expectation of what noir “should” look like, and then the elements that actually make noir what it is. These elements include things such as lighting, imagery, and mystery. The imagery used in The Big Lebowski is one of my favorite things about the movie. The opening scene for example sets up the viewer for the mystery of the man lebowski. It begins with showing a tumbleweed rolling into the city from the desert and ending at the beach all while the preface of the movie is set by the narrator. This kind of imagery along with the fact that the whole movie is one tiny mystery after another makes it a noir candidate for me.

The vignelli canon

The Vignelli canon was a very interesting read. I can’t say that I have ever read anything specifically about design before this. The book really illustrated how design of one sort or another is absolutely everywhere in our world. Design is used in everything from art and architecture to city planning. I really enjoyed one passage on page 22 about how design is one. The passage states that design is a discipline that incorporates all types of design, and that this discipline is not a particular style but an actual process. Later on the book talks about how and why people are attracted to certain types of design and why one may be more aesthetically pleasing than another. It really got me thinking about the types and styles of design I appreciate and why. All together the canon was an enjoyable read and really got me thinking more about design as a whole.