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Noir at Night and the Silk Road

Just listened to Noir at Night and Silk Road and both were really awesome! Noir at Night was a creative way of expressing the opinions of the noir characters on noir-esque movies. The audio was a bit choppy but the sound effects added were really great and added to the overall experience. The accents also really helped create real characters. I had to agree with some of the criticisms mentioned by our professors, more analysis could have helped the show overall. I also had to agree that movie trailers are meant to be watched and cutting a bit out could have helped bridge that gap

The silk road so awesome. The fact that the students who put it together were able to use outside people to voice extra characters was such a cool idea and really reflected the effort that went into producing this show. The audio was also so well done which is something I can personally appreciate. The show packed so much story into such little time it was really awesome


Radio Week 1!

This week listening to the radio shows was a blast! I thoroughly enjoyed listing to my groups show live and had a lot of fun with the tweet along. I was able to listen to three shows other than my own but only live tweeted during one of them. I admit that I found it difficult to think of meaningful things to say about some of the shows. Other times I was doing some other work while listening to the shows and was unable to tweet along. All in all I listened to the “House of Noir” show, the “Noir D&D”, “NoirTalk” and of course my own group, Noir Not the Father. The first show I listening to and the one that I was able to pay the closest attention to was the House of Noir show. Within the first couple of minutes of the show I was immediately thinking to myself how good the production level was! I was thoroughly impressed with the vocal quality of their production and the overall editing was done in a very authentic old time way giving the production as a whole a very authentic feel to it. The characters were all really fleshed out and seemed like real credible people. It’s always nice when made up characters are so detailed that they could pass as real people if only by description. Overall I was very impressed with this radio show. It truly set the bar of expectations pretty high for the rest of the week.

As for our radio show, I think it went really well despite the technical difficulties. A few times during our show we had some audio from something else cut into the show. In hindsight it was actually pretty funny to have the audio cut out and cut back in like that leaving all the listeners confused at best. I really enjoyed being able to live tweet during the show as well because people actually did have questions and comments that war rented responses. I think we had a pretty good turnout of listeners as well ranging around 28-30 people the whole time! It seemed like people liked our show as well which was nice because we truly did put a lot of hard work into it.


Noir Not the Father!

The second week of working on the radio show project was quite a fun experience. Our group, Noir Not the Father, met a few times throughout the week to write up the dialogue between the characters, choose all the sound effects and decide where we wanted to place everything. Here is a link to our google doc page where we compiled all of our work. It is essentially a written transcript of our entire radio show.

Overall I had a great time getting to know my group members and I think we all worked really well together. I joined the group a little bit late but they were all very accepting of my as part of their group and we had very little trouble working my noir character, Jack, into the show. Our show is a Maury style talk show with noir influence. The show centers around a main character, Billy, whose pregnant wife was recently murdered and the talk show host Stella Vaughn. The show dialogue was easy to create and I had a lot of fun working with my group members doing it. We were able to write all the dialogue and record the whole show in just two meetings throughout the week. Granted these meetings lasted about 4 hours each but the time really flew by. At the end of the recording process we had to decide how to split up the audio editing. I offered to do the majority of the final editing since I had previous experience with audio editing.

As for my personal  contribution I created this  poster for the Noir Not the Father radio show. I am not very good at photo editing so I had bit of a hard time creating the image. Using the same skills I had learned in the visual week I was able to create an image I was happy with. For the radio show itself I created two radio bumpers and one radio show commercial. Putting together the bumpers and commercial was fairly easy and I had a good time doing it. I always enjoy the audio editing tasks of this course and I was excited to bring my experience and skills to a group project where others might be able to appreciate it a bit. After all the recording and everything was finished I took all of our audio files and uploaded them to FL studio. From there I individually linked all sound files to the internal master mixer and linked equalizers to everything. I played around with the master eq for the vocal portion for a while until I found an equalization that I liked. I saved the eq and attached it to the rest of the vocals so that they would all sound the same. I mainly used the eq to turn down any static that was recorded along with our voices as well as make everyone’s voices seem a bit “softer”. I added in all the sound effects and cut up any samples that needed to be cut. I used automation clips in order to fade all the sound effects in and out of the audio so that nothing would sound too abrupt or harsh. All in all the process too about 4 hours for the first draft. I uploaded the first draft to soundcloud and my group members commented on the track with any corrections/suggestions. I took their suggestions and finished up the final draft and uploaded it to soundcloud. All in all it was a really great experience and I even learned a good bit more about audio editing. My group members even taught me some tips and tricks in audacity!