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The Interview (with jack sadler not the movie)

So I just finished up the noir character interview assignment and let me say that it was just as straight forward as I thought it would be but it was much more time consuming than I had planned for. Part of the reason for that was my computer dying just as I had finished cutting up all the questions and answers. I wasn’t able to restore the project and had to start all over again.. Womp womp. But other then that it mainly just took time making sure that all the videos were cut up in the right places and all the effects were blended in nicely. Without further ado,


Weekly Summary

This week was actually a lot of fun. I had such a great time hearing how other peoples radio shows turned out. There was seriously such variety in the shows and nothing I listened to could have been considered bad. If the few shows that I listened to can reflect on the class as a whole I would say we all did a really great job with these. More info on how my listening experiences went can be found here.

For my daily creates this week I had a great time as per usual. I chose to do the abstract drawing assignment, the ransom note for Jim Groom assignment, and the create a “how to” assignment. Obviously more information can be found at the links but overall I had a good time with these assignments. Admittedly I try to avoid doing video related assignments because it is by far my weakest ability, so having been able to work so much with photoshop and my own drawing abilities has made these assignments quite enjoyable.

I would say out of everything this week I had the most fun with the 10 stars of random assignments. The task was to relate the assignments back to your character as well as someone else. I took this opportunity to build up the story surrounding my characters interactions during our radio show. My character was a bit of a last minute addition to the overall story line in our radio show so he wasn’t able to really give much background or direction as to how he was so involved. I also wanted to take this opportunity to add a dramatic realization that not everything that was concluded during our radio show was actually the truth. To do this I chose to do the invitation design assignment,  the collaborative email writing assignment and the story map visual assignment. All in all I thought that It was a pretty cool idea to intersect our characters lives even more and I think that I managed to do a pretty decent job at it. I also really enjoyed being able to do assignments of multiple types instead of just one. I wanted to challenge myself a bit with these assignments so I intentionally stayed away from the audio assignment bank since audio editing is what I am best at.


You are invited to Noir Not the Father!

For part of my 10 stars of assignments for this week, I chose to do the you’re invited project. The assignment was to create an invitation to some sort of event. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to create a invitation letter to my character Jack from the Noir Not the Father radio show. I have been getting better at photo editing so I was exited to take on this project as something that for once wasn’t completely unfamiliar.

Calligraphic Frames

Emails sesh with Jack Sadler

So for another one of my assignments this week I chose to do the sharing the credit assignment. Now I know that this assignment was specifically supposed to be between two actual people but I bent the rules a little bit to make it work well with my character. I also did a little more than 10 stars this week so maybe that can help make up for the rule bending. I also thought it would be nice to try out a writing assignment for a change since I had not yet done one.

For the assignment I chose to create an email exchange between Jack and myself. Jack is emailing me (an old friend) about the invitation to Noir Not the Father with Stella Vaughn. The invitation he received is actually my third and final assignment for the week. This email exchange details the total and truthful events of what happened between Jack, Billy, and Jackie.






Story of Jack and Jackie

So for part of my 10 stars of assignments dedicated to my noir character, I decided to do the story map assignment. For all of my assignments this week I wanted to continue to build my noir character by using the themes set in place during my groups radio show “Noir Not the Father”. In our radio show, my character plays a very specific role and I used that role me

Here is a link to my story map. I could not figure out how to embed it into my actual post so I hope the link is ok. The story being told here is the one secret that wasn’t fleshed out during the Noir Not the Father show. Turn’s out, Jack wasn’t being completely honest about how he met Jackie!

Noir Not the Father!

The second week of working on the radio show project was quite a fun experience. Our group, Noir Not the Father, met a few times throughout the week to write up the dialogue between the characters, choose all the sound effects and decide where we wanted to place everything. Here is a link to our google doc page where we compiled all of our work. It is essentially a written transcript of our entire radio show.

Overall I had a great time getting to know my group members and I think we all worked really well together. I joined the group a little bit late but they were all very accepting of my as part of their group and we had very little trouble working my noir character, Jack, into the show. Our show is a Maury style talk show with noir influence. The show centers around a main character, Billy, whose pregnant wife was recently murdered and the talk show host Stella Vaughn. The show dialogue was easy to create and I had a lot of fun working with my group members doing it. We were able to write all the dialogue and record the whole show in just two meetings throughout the week. Granted these meetings lasted about 4 hours each but the time really flew by. At the end of the recording process we had to decide how to split up the audio editing. I offered to do the majority of the final editing since I had previous experience with audio editing.

As for my personal  contribution I created this  poster for the Noir Not the Father radio show. I am not very good at photo editing so I had bit of a hard time creating the image. Using the same skills I had learned in the visual week I was able to create an image I was happy with. For the radio show itself I created two radio bumpers and one radio show commercial. Putting together the bumpers and commercial was fairly easy and I had a good time doing it. I always enjoy the audio editing tasks of this course and I was excited to bring my experience and skills to a group project where others might be able to appreciate it a bit. After all the recording and everything was finished I took all of our audio files and uploaded them to FL studio. From there I individually linked all sound files to the internal master mixer and linked equalizers to everything. I played around with the master eq for the vocal portion for a while until I found an equalization that I liked. I saved the eq and attached it to the rest of the vocals so that they would all sound the same. I mainly used the eq to turn down any static that was recorded along with our voices as well as make everyone’s voices seem a bit “softer”. I added in all the sound effects and cut up any samples that needed to be cut. I used automation clips in order to fade all the sound effects in and out of the audio so that nothing would sound too abrupt or harsh. All in all the process too about 4 hours for the first draft. I uploaded the first draft to soundcloud and my group members commented on the track with any corrections/suggestions. I took their suggestions and finished up the final draft and uploaded it to soundcloud. All in all it was a really great experience and I even learned a good bit more about audio editing. My group members even taught me some tips and tricks in audacity!

Theme song assignment

For four stars of my audio assignments I decided to do the “make your own theme song”. I wanted to make this theme song in spirit of my Noir character Jack Sadler. I used samples and synthesizers to create this ambient, relaxed song that I imagine would represent the life of Jack Sadler. The song is obviously created with more modern sounds in mind then those that would be around in Jack’s time period.

The sound editing was all fairly simple. The beat and synthesizers were created from the ground up. The bass added was created out of a simple single sine wave layered over other sine waves in different keys. When I exported the song the volume was a bit too loud but other then that I think it went well. I plan on going back and fixing the volume at a later time.

Story through sound

So for my story through sound assignment I created a fictional scene involving my noir character Jack Sadler. In the scene, Jack and his partner have driven out to meet someone involved in a case that he had been recently hired for. Jack doesn’t usually take a partner along with him, especially during a routine questioning such as this, but word around town was this guy was rough and didn’t take kindly to strangers. Word was he didn’t like talking to people and liked questions about his missing ex-wife even less. Jack had considered not going at all and dropping the case all together but it had been quite a while since he had been hired. The scene begins with Jack and his associate arriving at the small house in the woods where they were meeting the man. Jack sits in the idling car while his partner walks up to the door and knocks. Its slightly raining out and Jack can hear the storm in the distance. Jack’s partner waits on the doorstep and continues to knock. Eventually, footsteps are heard and the door is answered. Jack turns off the car and walks into the house and the door is closed behind him.

What’s in your Bag?

My noir character would not realistically carry a bag around so instead I am going to describe what one could expect to find in his desk on a normal day.


Top of the desk can usually be expected to be covered in scattered newspapers. A typewriter sits next to a leather bound book in which Jack keeps his financial logs in. An ashtray sits on the right side of the desk next to the typewriter where Jack can easily ash his cigarette while he sits and sips his scotch. The room has no windows and only a dimly lit light that sits on the left corner of the table just next to the rotary phone. Inside the top drawer sits a loaded .38 snub nose revolver and some rarely used stationary and a pair of reading glasses. In the lower drawer, Jack keeps a bottle of scotch and a few dusty glasses in case he ever wants a drink and doesn’t want to break concentration long enough to walk downstairs.

Poetry Art


So for my poetry art I decided to dedicate my poster to the development of my noir character. I chose a poem that would fit him as a character as well as his timeline. The poem is “Stopping by Woods on a Snowing Evening” by Robert Frost. The poem speaks of a farmhouse in the winter and promises the author knows he has to keep. My idea is that the poem would relate to my noir character, Jack, on a personal level, reminding him of his own childhood. The poster is supposed to reflect the early 1920’s as well though I am sure it could use work.