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Daily Creates

TDC field

For this assignment I cut noddy here out of his picture using photoshop and added him into this nice field of flowers. I tried to draw in some similar flowers to help blend him into the image

TDC 4 5

For this assignment I found an umbrella sketch photo that I liked and cut it out of its image in photoshop. I then copied the image onto this rainy backdrop and resized them to account for depth. I then drew in the fence where I needed to.

Creations this week

This week for my daily creates I chose the 15 second batman challenge, the tree art assignment, and the talk to a stranger assignment.


The 15 second batman challenge was my favorite daily create this week. As I have mentioned before I really enjoy any assignment that deals with drawing so this one definitely stood out to me. Before I began the assignment I googled a quick picture of batman just to get a fresh image in my head. Then I got my stopwatch on my phone out, started the timer and started drawing. I ended up drawing for about 20 ish seconds in the end. 15 seconds is an incredibly short amount of time!

tree stuff

The tree art assignment was fun as well. Ever since I started using photoshop this year for this class, I have really enjoyed becoming familiar with it. For this assignment I took a photo of a tree that I had taken on campus earlier this last fall and messed around with some effects in photoshop until I got this image!

For my “talk with a stranger” assignment I tried to embed the post into my page but had no luck. Here is a link to the post.


Junk mail art??

Today I chose to do the junk mail art daily create assignment. I thought that this was a pretty unique and cool idea for a daily create so as soon as I saw it I began brainstorming. Unfortunately we didn’t have much mail in the mailbox but we do however keep the hard copies of all our bills so I was able to use those to create the assignment. In the end I really couldn’t come up with anything too spectacular but I thought it was at least passable


Daily Create!

One of my daily creates this week was to draw an abstract image of something you really enjoyed over the last week. Well I thought back to it and decided that I had truly enjoyed listening to some new music I had found and decided to draw this moment in the most abstract way I could think of. This is what I came up with,


Daily Creates!

Another one of my daily creates this week was to create a ransom note for Jim Groom. I used a ransom note generator that I found online for the text and used an image I had on my computer for the background. Saved the image at the end and cut out the boarder before posting it to flickr


Creating things on the daily

Unfortunately this week I was only able to get two of my daily creates done. It was a really hectic week with midterms and the radio show project. But here are the two that I was able to do!


The DS106 as Deep Space 106 with my variation of a little ufo style space ship. Of course I added my usual little character in the ship, I think he fit well.

The scary movie trailer. I had a lot of trouble with this since it was the first time I had ever worked with video editing. I took a sound that I made earlier in the semester for an emotion assignment in which fear was the emotion I was trying to invoke. I had used the idea of being stuck in space as a inspiration for the sound I was creating so I went with that idea for the movie trailer as well. I used windows movie editor along with youtube’s video editor to create this scary movie trailer


Daily Create

TDC 2 22

Before and after picture- For this assignment I wanted to drastically alter one of my favorite beer bottles. My idea from the start was to change the bottle into more of an hour glass shape and invert the colors. I am not too great with photoshop yet but I think the end result was close to what I intended.


Draw “yourself” as a tree assignment- For this assignment I wanted to draw a tree in the first way that came to my mind. I had a lot of fun with the assignment and really enjoyed how it turned out. When I finished the drawing I took my picture and uploaded it to Flickr. Or so I thought… I didn’t realize till much later that night when I was going to bed that my upload had failed. So even though it was after midnight and the deadline for the daily create had passed I thought it would be a shame to not go ahead and upload it.


Coffee stain into a picture assignment. – This assignment was fun as well. I don’t usually drink coffee but I decided that there was no better time to treat myself to some than for this assignment. After creating the stain, I drew the first thing that seemed to fill in nicely with what was already on the page.

Daily Creates

For my daily creates this week I chose to do the food jewelry assignment and the old fashion radio broadcast assignment. I also chose to do the make a video of the arcade game assignment but after trying to get the arcade game to work for over an hour I had to give up and was unable to complete the assignment.


Simple and boring bracelet made from noodles

For this I took a couple of sounds from and cut them up and layered them over some static and a recording I already had.