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Resume for Jack Sadler


Jack Sadler Resume:

  • Profile: My name is Jack Sadler. I currently live in Chicago Illinois but I grew up in a town called Lincoln not too far from the Mississippi river.  I left Lincoln when I was 19 and moved to Chicago. I got a job as a dishwasher at a local bar and began working there. Ten years later I now own that very same bar and have begun my own private detective agency. I recently appeared twice on the Noir Not the Father show but I only ask that my time on that show be overlooked when considering me for a job.
  • Work History: I currently own and operate my own bar in downtown Chicago but before that I worked at the bar from the ground up.
  • Education: I attended the local high-school where I grew up and graduated from there. I never did go to college but I take a night class from time to time. I never had the time until I owned the bar myself and could put someone else on shift for the night.
  • Skills: I’m good at reading people. Working at a bar for so long has given me the skill of listening well. I don’t just listen to people stories but I listen to their attitude, demeanor, and tone. I can tell so much about a person by the way they tell their story. I can pick out the liars too. When people lie they have a certain way they carry themselves. Sometimes its a confident lie and sometimes its a very cautious lie but I can always tell. As far as other job skills go, I am good with my hand and I am a diligent worker. I have no problem starting at the bottom and working my way up to the top.
  • Former Job Positions: Dishwasher and busboy at BARbarians. Manager and owner of BARbarians. Self employed as a private detective.

NNTF The Reunion Show!

So NNTF all met today to work out the script and general setup of our video show. We decided to continue off of the story we created in our first show adding new twists and turns and including back stories for all of the characters that everyone has gotten to know and love. We met in the convergence center and put in some really good work for a couple hours before having to go our separate ways.

Throughout the week we organized a time to meet as a group and film our project in front of a green screen. We also spent time reaching out to our class for help with our project. We needed someone to play the character of Jackie Steel in some of the flashback scenes. One student came through for us and really helped out.

Its finished! After all the long, hard and dedicated work the video is finished. We spent what seemed like countless hours on a Friday and Saturday afternoon filming and editing the videos. Without Mia’s dedication to the editing and her awesome video editing skills I don’t think we ever would have finished the video on time. So much had to be done in order for the video to get uploaded and truly one of the most time consuming parts was simply moving the large video files from one place to another. Well here is the video, I’m sure it will do itself more justice then I ever could explaining it,

Final thoughts on Noir Not the Father

So the radio show weeks are coming to a close but Noir Not the Father lives on! Listening to the show live was really awesome. We had a few technical difficulties but overall it went great! I think the show sounded good and all the editing really payed off. Tweeting along with everyone listening was my favorite part of the experience by far. Being able to respond to peoples questions and comments as well as just hearing their overall opinions in real time was such addition to the show as a whole. If I had more time I would have liked to focus more on the editing and further perfect all the sounds mixed in with he sound effects. This mixing was definitely the most time consuming and difficult part of project but honestly I wouldn’t really consider any of it difficult since it was mostly just fun. With how many sound effects we used it was very difficult to mix all the sounds together and keep it all congruent. Obviously if we had unlimited resources and time we could have used a more professional form of audio recording but I think that it worked out pretty well regardless. Any advice I could give to future DS106 students would be to allow for PLENTY of time to do all the recording!

Noir at Night and the Silk Road

Just listened to Noir at Night and Silk Road and both were really awesome! Noir at Night was a creative way of expressing the opinions of the noir characters on noir-esque movies. The audio was a bit choppy but the sound effects added were really great and added to the overall experience. The accents also really helped create real characters. I had to agree with some of the criticisms mentioned by our professors, more analysis could have helped the show overall. I also had to agree that movie trailers are meant to be watched and cutting a bit out could have helped bridge that gap

The silk road so awesome. The fact that the students who put it together were able to use outside people to voice extra characters was such a cool idea and really reflected the effort that went into producing this show. The audio was also so well done which is something I can personally appreciate. The show packed so much story into such little time it was really awesome


Weekly Summary

This week was all about design. Other then the work that I have done for this class I have had zero experience with digital design and photo editing. I have had experience with sound editing but after reading the information on the noir website about this weeks work I could tell that the design we were going to be working with was largely visual based. I have a friend at UMW that is a studio art major so I asked her if she would sit down with me and teach me some stuff about photo editing in Photoshop. She was able to come over and help teach me some stuff and set me on my way to begin photo editing in a program other then MS paint.

My first project was the DS106 wallpaper assignment for four stars. I began with a photo of a rustic small house that I imagined my noir character Jack Sadler might live in. I put the photo in photoshop and began editing it. I sampled a bunch of the effects from the effects available until I found ones I liked. I tested and tried a few different things and really had fun with the project. It turned out really different then what I had planned but in the end I thought that was ok. The next project I did was the honest video game cover. This project was fairly simple and just required a bit of text editing. The hardest part was figuring out how to use the lasso tool in order to remove text. I had to learn how to match colors as well so that I could blend in the image over the old one. My next project was the laptop lingo project. This one was relatively easy as well. I wanted to focus on a minimalist approach to this assignment so I decided to use blocks of color. I chose a light brown toned color pallet and inserted the colors into photoshop. From there I just used some effects to warp the colors into what I thought would look like a nice laptop cover. My last project was the Wolf in sheep’s clothing  assignment. I had a lot of fun with this project and got to practice use of the lasso tool and the blending tool even more.

The design blitz was a fun project as well. I went downtown and walked/drove around until I found good representations of the elements of design I was looking for. I thought I found pretty decent representations of all the elements and had a lot of fun doing it. My daily creates were alright this week. I had a lot of trouble with one of them and ended up not being able to complete it. Otherwise, I enjoyed that there was another opportunity for a audio based daily create.

Overall I really enjoyed this week of design and learned a lot from it. My other posts and further description about the movie I watched, my opinion of the vignell canon as well as my thoughts on the copyright materials can be found at the links provided.


Design Blitz

For my design blitz, I chose to take pictures of design elements that I found around downtown Fredericksburg


I thought that this Sign for Carl’s ice cream was a good example of form/function/message. The sign is clearly custom for the establishment and uses a fancy font and and image of an ice cream cone in order to draw the customer in. The sign does look like it has seen better days and could maybe use a restoration.


I thought this sign was a good representation of balance. The size of the sign is appropriate for the space that it had to work with and the matching adornments on both sides facing inward made this design very balanced in my opinion


This sign for the Mason Dixon Cafe was a good representation of a minimalist design. The font is fairly standard and there is no excessive writing. The whole sign is in black and white and truly just gets to the point. A cafe where you can get breakfast, lunch or dinner


This sign for Happy Endings bar and grill was a good representation of effective use of symbolism. The statement happy endings is a little playful to begin with. Coupled with the iconic smile above the logo the sign gives the reader a sense of a positive warm environment.


This sign for Fredericksburg is not exactly a advertisement but I thought it was a good representation of color used in design. Especially within the environment that it is in and the lack of color in the surroundings, this design really stands out.