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Story of Jack and Jackie

So for part of my 10 stars of assignments dedicated to my noir character, I decided to do the story map assignment. For all of my assignments this week I wanted to continue to build my noir character by using the themes set in place during my groups radio show “Noir Not the Father”. In our radio show, my character plays a very specific role and I used that role me

Here is a link to my story map. I could not figure out how to embed it into my actual post so I hope the link is ok. The story being told here is the one secret that wasn’t fleshed out during the Noir Not the Father show. Turn’s out, Jack wasn’t being completely honest about how he met Jackie!

What’s in your Bag?

My noir character would not realistically carry a bag around so instead I am going to describe what one could expect to find in his desk on a normal day.


Top of the desk can usually be expected to be covered in scattered newspapers. A typewriter sits next to a leather bound book in which Jack keeps his financial logs in. An ashtray sits on the right side of the desk next to the typewriter where Jack can easily ash his cigarette while he sits and sips his scotch. The room has no windows and only a dimly lit light that sits on the left corner of the table just next to the rotary phone. Inside the top drawer sits a loaded .38 snub nose revolver and some rarely used stationary and a pair of reading glasses. In the lower drawer, Jack keeps a bottle of scotch and a few dusty glasses in case he ever wants a drink and doesn’t want to break concentration long enough to walk downstairs.

Poetry Art


So for my poetry art I decided to dedicate my poster to the development of my noir character. I chose a poem that would fit him as a character as well as his timeline. The poem is “Stopping by Woods on a Snowing Evening” by Robert Frost. The poem speaks of a farmhouse in the winter and promises the author knows he has to keep. My idea is that the poem would relate to my noir character, Jack, on a personal level, reminding him of his own childhood. The poster is supposed to reflect the early 1920’s as well though I am sure it could use work.


Photo Reflection


My experience with photography has always been as an observer. A few of my friends growing up took up photography as a hobby and I was always intrigued but never truly divulged in it myself. My friends all used DSLR cameras made by Nikon or Cannon and I always thought the pictures that they could produce were incredible. As smartphone cameras have become more and more advanced I have begun taking more photos myself. I specifically take pictures of my surroundings. Often these pictures are of nature or urban scenery but I have recently been trying to expand my horizons and take pictures of more things. After reviewing some of the materials listed on the noir site I realized a few things. I realized how much can be done with lighting especially in a black and white setting. The black and white setting seems to stand out in noir photography as well as film as a standard of the category and I was exited to try and incorporate some of this into my photography as well. I also realized that mood was a large part of noir film and photography. Many scenes are set up to inspire certain moods in the audience, often of a dramatic nature.