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You are invited to Noir Not the Father!

For part of my 10 stars of assignments for this week, I chose to do the you’re invited project. The assignment was to create an invitation to some sort of event. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to create a invitation letter to my character Jack from the Noir Not the Father radio show. I have been getting better at photo editing so I was exited to take on this project as something that for once wasn’t completely unfamiliar.

Calligraphic Frames

Weekly Summary

This week was all about design. Other then the work that I have done for this class I have had zero experience with digital design and photo editing. I have had experience with sound editing but after reading the information on the noir website about this weeks work I could tell that the design we were going to be working with was largely visual based. I have a friend at UMW that is a studio art major so I asked her if she would sit down with me and teach me some stuff about photo editing in Photoshop. She was able to come over and help teach me some stuff and set me on my way to begin photo editing in a program other then MS paint.

My first project was the DS106 wallpaper assignment for four stars. I began with a photo of a rustic small house that I imagined my noir character Jack Sadler might live in. I put the photo in photoshop and began editing it. I sampled a bunch of the effects from the effects available until I found ones I liked. I tested and tried a few different things and really had fun with the project. It turned out really different then what I had planned but in the end I thought that was ok. The next project I did was the honest video game cover. This project was fairly simple and just required a bit of text editing. The hardest part was figuring out how to use the lasso tool in order to remove text. I had to learn how to match colors as well so that I could blend in the image over the old one. My next project was the laptop lingo¬†project. This one was relatively easy as well. I wanted to focus on a minimalist approach to this assignment so I decided to use blocks of color. I chose a light brown toned color pallet and inserted the colors into photoshop. From there I just used some effects to warp the colors into what I thought would look like a nice laptop cover. My last project was the Wolf in sheep’s clothing ¬†assignment. I had a lot of fun with this project and got to practice use of the lasso tool and the blending tool even more.

The design blitz was a fun project as well. I went downtown and walked/drove around until I found good representations of the elements of design I was looking for. I thought I found pretty decent representations of all the elements and had a lot of fun doing it. My daily creates were alright this week. I had a lot of trouble with one of them and ended up not being able to complete it. Otherwise, I enjoyed that there was another opportunity for a audio based daily create.

Overall I really enjoyed this week of design and learned a lot from it. My other posts and further description about the movie I watched, my opinion of the vignell canon as well as my thoughts on the copyright materials can be found at the links provided.


DS106 Wallpaper!

This assignment was my four star assignment for the week. I had a lot of fun with this assignment and learned a lot from it. I wanted to dedicate this assignment to my noir character so I started out with a picture of a place that I imagined my character would live. I then started editing the photo more and more until I got to the image you see here. Obviously the photo doesn’t look like anything particular anymore but I really enjoyed the way it came out. This assignment was my first major photo editing experience


Honest video game cover

This three star assignment kind of explains itself. I have a lot of friends who enjoy playing online video games like call of duty but I cannot stand it. Whenever I hear them playing it sounds like they are playing exclusively with a bunch of little kids. For this assignment I had to focus mainly on editing text which was a big first for me. I tried to match the font and design of the original video game cover as best as I could.

callofduty play with middle schoolers

Laptop Lingo

This assignment was two stars and fairly easy to do. I wanted to make this assignment somewhat dedicated to my noir character. My character does not live in a time where there were laptops so I had to imagine him in a setting where laptops existed. From there I decided he would like a pale toned minimalist laptop cover so that is what I went for. I used effects and editing to change this color pallet into something nicer.

minimalist laptop cover

Design Blitz

For my design blitz, I chose to take pictures of design elements that I found around downtown Fredericksburg


I thought that this Sign for Carl’s ice cream was a good example of form/function/message. The sign is clearly custom for the establishment and uses a fancy font and and image of an ice cream cone in order to draw the customer in. The sign does look like it has seen better days and could maybe use a restoration.


I thought this sign was a good representation of balance. The size of the sign is appropriate for the space that it had to work with and the matching adornments on both sides facing inward made this design very balanced in my opinion


This sign for the Mason Dixon Cafe was a good representation of a minimalist design. The font is fairly standard and there is no excessive writing. The whole sign is in black and white and truly just gets to the point. A cafe where you can get breakfast, lunch or dinner


This sign for Happy Endings bar and grill was a good representation of effective use of symbolism. The statement happy endings is a little playful to begin with. Coupled with the iconic smile above the logo the sign gives the reader a sense of a positive warm environment.


This sign for Fredericksburg is not exactly a advertisement but I thought it was a good representation of color used in design. Especially within the environment that it is in and the lack of color in the surroundings, this design really stands out.