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Make it slooowwwweeeeerrrrrrr

So for another three stars I decided to do the “make it slower” assignment. I had a lot of fun with this assignment and ultimately was really satisfied with the end result. The example given on the noir site by artist┬áNick Pittsinger was really amazing. I honestly never thought Justin Beiber could be enjoyable no matter what someone did to it.

I started off taking random songs I thought might sound cool slowed down and putting them into FL studio. After experimenting with a variety of songs I settled on the song Goddess by Chrome Sparks. The song to begin with is very beautiful and ethereal so I thought it would work well. In the end, the slowed down version of the song worked out really well and sounds like its own independent song


Theme song assignment

For four stars of my audio assignments I decided to do the “make your own theme song”. I wanted to make this theme song in spirit of my Noir character Jack Sadler. I used samples and synthesizers to create this ambient, relaxed song that I imagine would represent the life of Jack Sadler. The song is obviously created with more modern sounds in mind then those that would be around in Jack’s time period.

The sound editing was all fairly simple. The beat and synthesizers were created from the ground up. The bass added was created out of a simple single sine wave layered over other sine waves in different keys. When I exported the song the volume was a bit too loud but other then that I think it went well. I plan on going back and fixing the volume at a later time.

Emotion through sound

So this assignment was to create emotion through sound. The emotions I chose to create were stress and anxiety. When looking into “soundscapes” I noticed that most people attempted to create a scene that would evoke powerful emotion. I wanted to create a scene of loneliness in a way that felt inescapable such as being the last person on earth, or being the only person trapped in a space station or submarine. I used a combination of vocal samples, audio clips and custom synthesizers all with heavy amounts of distortion including time stretching and pitch modulation to create this sound scene.

Story through sound

So for my story through sound assignment I created a fictional scene involving my noir character Jack Sadler. In the scene, Jack and his partner have driven out to meet someone involved in a case that he had been recently hired for. Jack doesn’t usually take a partner along with him, especially during a routine questioning such as this, but word around town was this guy was rough and didn’t take kindly to strangers. Word was he didn’t like talking to people and liked questions about his missing ex-wife even less. Jack had considered not going at all and dropping the case all together but it had been quite a while since he had been hired. The scene begins with Jack and his associate arriving at the small house in the woods where they were meeting the man. Jack sits in the idling car while his partner walks up to the door and knocks. Its slightly raining out and Jack can hear the storm in the distance. Jack’s partner waits on the doorstep and continues to knock. Eventually, footsteps are heard and the door is answered. Jack turns off the car and walks into the house and the door is closed behind him.

Radio bumper

So the assignment was to make a quick radio bumper for ds106 radio. I didn’t have too much trouble recording the audio in audacity and had a bit of fun editing the vocals in FL studio. I changed the pitch a bit and equalized the sound in an attempt to make my voice sound more “radio friendly”. I then used a sample I found on and used FL studio to layer the vocals over the sample. I used a volume automation clip to dampen the sounds from the sample while the vocals are playing.

Sample can be found here