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Resume for Jack Sadler


Jack Sadler Resume:

  • Profile: My name is Jack Sadler. I currently live in Chicago Illinois but I grew up in a town called Lincoln not too far from the Mississippi river.  I left Lincoln when I was 19 and moved to Chicago. I got a job as a dishwasher at a local bar and began working there. Ten years later I now own that very same bar and have begun my own private detective agency. I recently appeared twice on the Noir Not the Father show but I only ask that my time on that show be overlooked when considering me for a job.
  • Work History: I currently own and operate my own bar in downtown Chicago but before that I worked at the bar from the ground up.
  • Education: I attended the local high-school where I grew up and graduated from there. I never did go to college but I take a night class from time to time. I never had the time until I owned the bar myself and could put someone else on shift for the night.
  • Skills: I’m good at reading people. Working at a bar for so long has given me the skill of listening well. I don’t just listen to people stories but I listen to their attitude, demeanor, and tone. I can tell so much about a person by the way they tell their story. I can pick out the liars too. When people lie they have a certain way they carry themselves. Sometimes its a confident lie and sometimes its a very cautious lie but I can always tell. As far as other job skills go, I am good with my hand and I am a diligent worker. I have no problem starting at the bottom and working my way up to the top.
  • Former Job Positions: Dishwasher and busboy at BARbarians. Manager and owner of BARbarians. Self employed as a private detective.

The Interview (with jack sadler not the movie)

So I just finished up the noir character interview assignment and let me say that it was just as straight forward as I thought it would be but it was much more time consuming than I had planned for. Part of the reason for that was my computer dying just as I had finished cutting up all the questions and answers. I wasn’t able to restore the project and had to start all over again.. Womp womp. But other then that it mainly just took time making sure that all the videos were cut up in the right places and all the effects were blended in nicely. Without further ado,


You are invited to Noir Not the Father!

For part of my 10 stars of assignments for this week, I chose to do the you’re invited project. The assignment was to create an invitation to some sort of event. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to create a invitation letter to my character Jack from the Noir Not the Father radio show. I have been getting better at photo editing so I was exited to take on this project as something that for once wasn’t completely unfamiliar.

Calligraphic Frames

Emails sesh with Jack Sadler

So for another one of my assignments this week I chose to do the sharing the credit assignment. Now I know that this assignment was specifically supposed to be between two actual people but I bent the rules a little bit to make it work well with my character. I also did a little more than 10 stars this week so maybe that can help make up for the rule bending. I also thought it would be nice to try out a writing assignment for a change since I had not yet done one.

For the assignment I chose to create an email exchange between Jack and myself. Jack is emailing me (an old friend) about the invitation to Noir Not the Father with Stella Vaughn. The invitation he received is actually my third and final assignment for the week. This email exchange details the total and truthful events of what happened between Jack, Billy, and Jackie.






Story of Jack and Jackie

So for part of my 10 stars of assignments dedicated to my noir character, I decided to do the story map assignment. For all of my assignments this week I wanted to continue to build my noir character by using the themes set in place during my groups radio show “Noir Not the Father”. In our radio show, my character plays a very specific role and I used that role me

Here is a link to my story map. I could not figure out how to embed it into my actual post so I hope the link is ok. The story being told here is the one secret that wasn’t fleshed out during the Noir Not the Father show. Turn’s out, Jack wasn’t being completely honest about how he met Jackie!

Radio Week 1!

This week listening to the radio shows was a blast! I thoroughly enjoyed listing to my groups show live and had a lot of fun with the tweet along. I was able to listen to three shows other than my own but only live tweeted during one of them. I admit that I found it difficult to think of meaningful things to say about some of the shows. Other times I was doing some other work while listening to the shows and was unable to tweet along. All in all I listened to the “House of Noir” show, the “Noir D&D”, “NoirTalk” and of course my own group, Noir Not the Father. The first show I listening to and the one that I was able to pay the closest attention to was the House of Noir show. Within the first couple of minutes of the show I was immediately thinking to myself how good the production level was! I was thoroughly impressed with the vocal quality of their production and the overall editing was done in a very authentic old time way giving the production as a whole a very authentic feel to it. The characters were all really fleshed out and seemed like real credible people. It’s always nice when made up characters are so detailed that they could pass as real people if only by description. Overall I was very impressed with this radio show. It truly set the bar of expectations pretty high for the rest of the week.

As for our radio show, I think it went really well despite the technical difficulties. A few times during our show we had some audio from something else cut into the show. In hindsight it was actually pretty funny to have the audio cut out and cut back in like that leaving all the listeners confused at best. I really enjoyed being able to live tweet during the show as well because people actually did have questions and comments that war rented responses. I think we had a pretty good turnout of listeners as well ranging around 28-30 people the whole time! It seemed like people liked our show as well which was nice because we truly did put a lot of hard work into it.