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About me

Well as you know by now, my name is Philip Dorch. I am a senior at Mary Washington studying political science. I grew up in Vienna Virginia which is located in Fairfax county of Northern Virginia.

During my free time I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, climbing, kayaking, camping and basically all things outdoors. I have a pet cat and a pet python. My cat unfortunately lives at home with my parents right now but I am exited to have her move in with me after graduation. My cat‘s name is paisley and my python’s name is Sansa. If anyone watches (or better yet reads) the game of thrones series then yes, the name does come from the character Sansa. My main hobbies when I am not outside include making music, drawing and lampworking. For those who do not know what lampworking is, you can read the wiki article on it here. Long story short it is the process of artistically working glass into beads, pendants, marbles and other objects. Lampworking is specifically different from glass blowing because it generally does not entail the use of hollow vessels. I had a memory card with a bunch of pictures and videos of me working but the card recently became corrupted. I am still in the process of trying to retrieve the data so if I do ill edit this post and add some pictures.

Here is a pic of somewhere I went boarding last year.