Weekly Summary

Well the end up the year is coming up quite quickly. I suppose this will be my second to last weekly summary and I have to say this class has been a blast all semester. This week working on the final stages of the final project was a lot of fun. We recorded the rest of our video work in two meetings and were able to release videos throughout the week instead of all on one day. We split some the work up among everyone so that each person would get a chance to personally contribute. I put together the narrator voice over as well as the phone call conversation between Groom and Stella. All of this can be found in our video but here is the phone call conversation if anyone is interested in listening to it specifically.

We recorded the audio for this seperately and uploaded the clips to soundcloud. I downloaded the clips and cut them up and pieced it together to sound like a conversation. I used some sounds that I found on Freesound.org for the phone noises and pieced them together as well. All in all this has been a really fun project and I am sad that our group work will shortly be coming to an end.


Weekly summary

This week was actually a lot of fun. Our group No Stain No Problem recieved its fist case this week so we all go together to plan out how we were going to execute it. We first discussed what media types we would be using and I beleive we settled on primarily using video with maybe a few audio driven segments. Overall our group has worked well with video and audio in the past so we decided it would be easy to keep it within our expertise.

Next we decided how we were going to incorporate our groups agency into the storyline of our mystery. We received Black’s case of the missing noir cat and at first really had no idea what to do with it. We settled on an elaborate tale of a missing cat that seems to keep showing up at gruesome murder scenes. Due to our busy schedules and whatnot we were not able to film any of our videos this week but plan to start the filming early this upcoming week. I think the story is going to come together quite nicely once we get to video tape it all

Weekly Summary

This week was a good week. The Noir Not the Father (NNTF) group has officially transformed into the No Stain No Problem (NSNP) group! While I will certainly miss creating things related to the NNTF story-line I am excited to begin the new journey with NSNP! The website that we created can be found here. All the credit for this amazing website falls on Mia and Kelsey (or should I say Blair and Stella) for their amazing web design skills. We spent a day together going over all the aspects of the agency and decided to play off of a product we created during a commercial for the original radio show. We assigned everyone job titles and worked out a pretty good business for our agency to run.

For my daily creates this week I chose to do the save noddy assignment and the umbrella art assignment. Both were pretty fun and straightforward to accomplish. I used photoshop for both assignments which was nice because I am becoming more and more familiar with the program. More info on how those assignments went can be found here.

For my 10 stars of assignments I chose to create a quiz, a warning poster, a resume and a business card for Jack Sadler. The quiz assignment was actually pretty challenging and took a fair amount of time. I really enjoyed it though and put a lot of effort into it. Originally I created the quiz questions in a word doc and started searching for a quiz creator. I decided that I wanted to embed my quiz into my page so I started looking into that as well. The embedding seemed a little out of my league so I checked the wordpress list of easily embed-able sites and luckily enough one of the sites had a quiz creator. I created my quiz in the site and embedded it into my blog. The business card and warning poster assignments were pretty straightforward. I used photoshop for both and kept them in line with the NNTF show. For the business card I used a template that I found online and blurred out any text from before and covered a logo with a new one. The last assignment I did was the resume for my character Jack Sadler. This was pretty easy as well and just required filling out some information about Jack.

Here are 10 of my comments this week:












Daily Creates

TDC field

For this assignment I cut noddy here out of his picture using photoshop and added him into this nice field of flowers. I tried to draw in some similar flowers to help blend him into the image

TDC 4 5

For this assignment I found an umbrella sketch photo that I liked and cut it out of its image in photoshop. I then copied the image onto this rainy backdrop and resized them to account for depth. I then drew in the fence where I needed to.

Resume for Jack Sadler


Jack Sadler Resume:

  • Profile: My name is Jack Sadler. I currently live in Chicago Illinois but I grew up in a town called Lincoln not too far from the Mississippi river.  I left Lincoln when I was 19 and moved to Chicago. I got a job as a dishwasher at a local bar and began working there. Ten years later I now own that very same bar and have begun my own private detective agency. I recently appeared twice on the Noir Not the Father show but I only ask that my time on that show be overlooked when considering me for a job.
  • Work History: I currently own and operate my own bar in downtown Chicago but before that I worked at the bar from the ground up.
  • Education: I attended the local high-school where I grew up and graduated from there. I never did go to college but I take a night class from time to time. I never had the time until I owned the bar myself and could put someone else on shift for the night.
  • Skills: I’m good at reading people. Working at a bar for so long has given me the skill of listening well. I don’t just listen to people stories but I listen to their attitude, demeanor, and tone. I can tell so much about a person by the way they tell their story. I can pick out the liars too. When people lie they have a certain way they carry themselves. Sometimes its a confident lie and sometimes its a very cautious lie but I can always tell. As far as other job skills go, I am good with my hand and I am a diligent worker. I have no problem starting at the bottom and working my way up to the top.
  • Former Job Positions: Dishwasher and busboy at BARbarians. Manager and owner of BARbarians. Self employed as a private detective.