Weekly Summary

So this week was a little different than most weeks. Instead of focusing on a new topic all together we used this week to develop more skills in editing and developing audio. For starters, we all grouped up into our DS106 radio groups. I chose the “Noir not the father” group. The group plans on doing a maury style talk show with a noir theme to it. Though we have not met yet as a group I feel that this will be a fun project and I am exited to be a part of it.

For the bumper sticker/poster for my radio group, I took a bit of noir themed characters and icons I found on the internet and put them together in photoshop to create the image. Obviously I am not very good at photoshop but I am still learning.

My Daily creates were fun this week as well. I always enjoy any daily creates that I can find that include drawing, sound editing, or photo editing. These are all things I enjoy doing and have been learning about since the beginning of this class. My daily create posts can be found here 

My audio assignments this week were also a blast. I could not decide on which 10 stars I wanted to do and ended up doing 12 instead. The projects I wanted to do were all more stars then I needed but I figured that this would never be an issue. I chose to do the make your own theme song assignment, the spooky sounds assignment, and the make it slower assignment.

During the week I also stumbled across some music that I thought might count as neo-noir. You can check it out here

Here are the links to the blog posts I commented on as well:











Make it slooowwwweeeeerrrrrrr

So for another three stars I decided to do the “make it slower” assignment. I had a lot of fun with this assignment and ultimately was really satisfied with the end result. The example given on the noir site by artist Nick Pittsinger was really amazing. I honestly never thought Justin Beiber could be enjoyable no matter what someone did to it.

I started off taking random songs I thought might sound cool slowed down and putting them into FL studio. After experimenting with a variety of songs I settled on the song Goddess by Chrome Sparks. The song to begin with is very beautiful and ethereal so I thought it would work well. In the end, the slowed down version of the song worked out really well and sounds like its own independent song


Theme song assignment

For four stars of my audio assignments I decided to do the “make your own theme song”. I wanted to make this theme song in spirit of my Noir character Jack Sadler. I used samples and synthesizers to create this ambient, relaxed song that I imagine would represent the life of Jack Sadler. The song is obviously created with more modern sounds in mind then those that would be around in Jack’s time period.

The sound editing was all fairly simple. The beat and synthesizers were created from the ground up. The bass added was created out of a simple single sine wave layered over other sine waves in different keys. When I exported the song the volume was a bit too loud but other then that I think it went well. I plan on going back and fixing the volume at a later time.

Daily Create

TDC 2 22

Before and after picture- For this assignment I wanted to drastically alter one of my favorite beer bottles. My idea from the start was to change the bottle into more of an hour glass shape and invert the colors. I am not too great with photoshop yet but I think the end result was close to what I intended.


Draw “yourself” as a tree assignment- For this assignment I wanted to draw a tree in the first way that came to my mind. I had a lot of fun with the assignment and really enjoyed how it turned out. When I finished the drawing I took my picture and uploaded it to Flickr. Or so I thought… I didn’t realize till much later that night when I was going to bed that my upload had failed. So even though it was after midnight and the deadline for the daily create had passed I thought it would be a shame to not go ahead and upload it.


Coffee stain into a picture assignment. – This assignment was fun as well. I don’t usually drink coffee but I decided that there was no better time to treat myself to some than for this assignment. After creating the stain, I drew the first thing that seemed to fill in nicely with what was already on the page.

Weekly Summary

This week was all about design. Other then the work that I have done for this class I have had zero experience with digital design and photo editing. I have had experience with sound editing but after reading the information on the noir website about this weeks work I could tell that the design we were going to be working with was largely visual based. I have a friend at UMW that is a studio art major so I asked her if she would sit down with me and teach me some stuff about photo editing in Photoshop. She was able to come over and help teach me some stuff and set me on my way to begin photo editing in a program other then MS paint.

My first project was the DS106 wallpaper assignment for four stars. I began with a photo of a rustic small house that I imagined my noir character Jack Sadler might live in. I put the photo in photoshop and began editing it. I sampled a bunch of the effects from the effects available until I found ones I liked. I tested and tried a few different things and really had fun with the project. It turned out really different then what I had planned but in the end I thought that was ok. The next project I did was the honest video game cover. This project was fairly simple and just required a bit of text editing. The hardest part was figuring out how to use the lasso tool in order to remove text. I had to learn how to match colors as well so that I could blend in the image over the old one. My next project was the laptop lingo project. This one was relatively easy as well. I wanted to focus on a minimalist approach to this assignment so I decided to use blocks of color. I chose a light brown toned color pallet and inserted the colors into photoshop. From there I just used some effects to warp the colors into what I thought would look like a nice laptop cover. My last project was the Wolf in sheep’s clothing  assignment. I had a lot of fun with this project and got to practice use of the lasso tool and the blending tool even more.

The design blitz was a fun project as well. I went downtown and walked/drove around until I found good representations of the elements of design I was looking for. I thought I found pretty decent representations of all the elements and had a lot of fun doing it. My daily creates were alright this week. I had a lot of trouble with one of them and ended up not being able to complete it. Otherwise, I enjoyed that there was another opportunity for a audio based daily create.

Overall I really enjoyed this week of design and learned a lot from it. My other posts and further description about the movie I watched, my opinion of the vignell canon as well as my thoughts on the copyright materials can be found at the links provided.



I have never sat down and thought extensively about copyright laws before and certainly never considered some of the things talked about in the readings and videos. Copyrights to my have always just been something lumped together with trademarks, and siting sources. I had never considered how much copyrights can actually limit the creative process. The bureaucracy of navigating copyright laws legally and efficiently can take away from the artistic process itself. I really enjoyed the fair(y) tale video and the message that it was stating. An idea should never be copyrighted if its going to limit the potential that the idea has. This made me think of recent controversy surrounding the “munny” dolls. A munny is a little doll figure that is sold as a blank canvas for an artist to alter. Recently there has been controversy surrounding who owns the rights to the munny after the artist has created a munny doll without using the dolls sold from the actual creator. Artists often use their own materials and methods to create the munny from scratch. Should this be considered stealing if the purpose of the munny was to be a blank canvas in the first place?

DS106 Wallpaper!

This assignment was my four star assignment for the week. I had a lot of fun with this assignment and learned a lot from it. I wanted to dedicate this assignment to my noir character so I started out with a picture of a place that I imagined my character would live. I then started editing the photo more and more until I got to the image you see here. Obviously the photo doesn’t look like anything particular anymore but I really enjoyed the way it came out. This assignment was my first major photo editing experience